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We are glad to welcome you on a unique culinary site where you can not only find new interesting recipes, but also add your own recipes with step-by-step photos, communicate, ask questions, order descriptions of dishes and products that interest you, and of course cook. This is not just an electronic collection of recipes with step-by-step photos, which presents the cuisine of many countries, but a real living textbook of cooking. Cooking with us is easy and simple, and you’ll see for yourself.

On the expanse of the Internet a lot of resources with cooking recipes. Many of them also have step-by-step photos and instructions, but our recipes are still radically different from most sites like this. We focus not on the number of recipes with step-by-step photos, although we have quite a few, but on their impeccable quality. And everything in a recipe with step-by-step photos should be of high quality – its content, its photos, its step-by-step instructions and even a description. For many recipes, we cook by ourselves, check the result, and try to supplement the recipe with flawless photos and accurate step-by-step instructions. Cooking by step-by-step recipes with photos is very easy, according to such recipes can cook even a dilettante, who in his life has not mastered a recipe, more complex than scrambled eggs.

Every housewife, whether she is experienced or a novice, just taking her first steps in this field, will be glad to have an opportunity to learn a lot about the properties and benefits of certain products, about how to cook them, about the culinary traditions of different peoples, about the history of the usual dishes and recipes. All recipes described by us or sent by our users, necessarily accompanied by high-quality step-by-step photos and a clear, clear step-by-step description of each action. With our recipes with step-by-step photos you will learn not only how to cook new soups, salads, desserts, drinks and other dishes, but also how to decorate them originally and serve the table properly. Just planning to cook something by our recipe with step-by-step photos, you already see in front of you what should be the result. It makes cooking much more interesting. With our help and participation, your kitchen will turn into a cozy corner of a real magician, able to work wonders and give your loved ones moments of joy and delight. The aesthetic component is seen in each of our recipes, in every step-by-step photo to it. We and our cooks always cook with pleasure, we try not only to cook well, but also decorate the finished dish so that not only the main picture looked perfect, but each step-by-step photo was clear and understandable. Only in the pursuit of perfection is perfection itself. And we decided to embody perfection in each of our step-by-step photo recipes.

If you have your own secrets of how to cook delicious and beautifully decorated, or know interesting, unusual, exotic recipes, you can share them, providing them with step-by-step photos, as you cooked, with the other readers of the site, and thus earn. It will give you the opportunity not only to replenish your budget, but also to demonstrate your unique abilities as a chef, photographer and journalist in one. We, in our turn, are ready to help you properly design and describe a culinary recipe, make step-by-step photos, answering all the questions in the appropriate section. In fact, our criteria are not as complicated as they may seem at first glance. Having learned a few simple rules, you will immediately begin to not only cook well, but also make the right step-by-step photos of your dish.

Once again, we want to focus on the format of our site. We are not just a collection of recipes with step-by-step photos, the main purpose of which is simply to convey the process of cooking. We created a resource where everything fits into one format – step-by-step photos, step-by-step instructions, descriptions and other elements. Each of our recipes with step-by-step photos is an author’s creation that makes you want to cook. Cooking in a way that achieves the result you see in front of you on the monitor. Cooking is a delicate science, and to achieve a perfect result, everything must be perfect – the utensils, the products and, of course, the end result. That’s exactly what everything is in our step-by-step photos. And each final photo is a masterpiece designed to encourage creation, that is, cooking.

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